As exciting as your big day draws near, it is important that you enjoy your day. Not only is this a day for you to make promises in front of family and friends, it is a day that you will want to cherish and remember forever. Enjoy the day as much as possible and try to leave the stressful planning and last minute situations for someone you trust to handle. Make sure that you have photos and videos to go to everything you want to remember and relive your wedding day.

Photos worth a thousand words

Hiring photographer and a videographer Hunter Valley will be a good idea. Not only will they be able to compile an albums with of pictures they will also make sure that every special moment was caught on tape for you to go back to when ever you want. Most of the time you will find that you have gone through the days events without noticing many things. But with a video of your day recorded, you will be able to look back and laugh at many events and cherish them forever.

Make a fun movie

Many wedding videography services are today able to create a beautiful day with special effects and capture the celebratory mood amazingly. They are also able to create mini movies that tell stories. These can be brought together to make a fun movie that will be something worth going back to time and time again. Get family and friends involved. Ask the production team to catch moments throughout the day and put together a movie worth going back to.

Plant a tree

It will be a nice idea to plant a tree of your choice on you wedding day. Be it you plant it in your backyard or in a small pot unroll you have a place of your own. This way as the years roll by, the tree will grow and you will have a story to share with your daily and kids in the future. A tree also represents life, longevity, strength and a solid state, aspects that every marriage should have. So plant away and keep growing stronger with every passing moment.

When you have a marriage on your mind the last thing you want to worry about is the paperwork involved to get your marriage on paper and pen. However, legalities need to be looked into as well for which you need to approach wedding registration services in your area. When you have several arrangements to look into for your wedding, this might become an additional task that needs considerable running around.

Find appropriate registration service

Every state has certain wedding registration laws. These define the paperwork requirements as well that a wedding couple needs to submit in order to be legally wed in that particular state. When you approach a young wedding celebrant he or she will be able to help out in providing such information as well as in getting the necessary paperwork completed to get a marriage registered legally.

Understand the requirements

There are several pertinent questions that wedding couples have when they are getting married. Even though wedding arrangements take up all the time, it is important to get the necessary paperwork in order to ensure that their marriage registration filing is accepted and made official. In order to understand the underlying legal requirements a civil celebrant can help a couple by providing them the list of necessary records or documents they need to provide. It is best that one consults such a professional much in advance before actual wedding is planned. What’s more, many celebrants in civil courts can also help get a marriage event organized. That helps many couples who are looking to register their marriage and celebrate in a small way.

The ease of getting legally married

When a couple wishes to plan their wedding on a special day they can approach a civil celebrant to help them get their marriage registered on the same day. It usually requires booking a slot with a professional civil celebrant. Most individuals are booked for their services in advance and hence, pre booking is necessary.

It is best that one looks up a professional in their area and find out their terms of service, paperwork filing requirements and other formalities that need to be concluded before the main marriage day. Experienced celebrants help individuals have a hassle free wedding on their special day. Hence, they come over to the marriage venue and help the couples to tie the knot as well as finish the registration work on site. Several celebrants have tie ups with catering and venue booking services that help couples get all necessary arrangements done easily.

Organising a wedding can be a daunting task. There are so many things you should think of and plan before the actual date. The checklist can be quite comprehensive from choosing your wedding party, making a guest list, planning food and beverages, seating arrangements and travel details etc. There are wedding planners who specialise in such events but you can organise your own wedding as well. It may be a bit complicated but you will be able to include everything you need and be able to fully personalise the ceremony.

The first thing you should do is to set a budget. Sometimes you may add a few items here and there when you’re counting down to the day. You may not notice at the time but these little additions will make a big impact and your budget will increase considerably. Try not to exceed the budget you have set from the beginning. Your new life will not completely revolve around this occasion. You need to save enough money to start your new life such as finding a house, buying essential equipment etc. Therefore, it is needless to spend everything you have on one wedding. If you feel like you have to overspend on some item, consider cutting back from another aspect.

You have to take care of the legalities of the ceremony as well which means hiring a marriage celebrant. Make sure you choose the right person who fits in well with you and your partner. They have to be open for your ideas so that you can fully customise your wedding. They will take care of the legal aspect of the ceremony and also the technicalities of the sound system. Your ceremony has to be heard by all the guests who attend. By choosing an experienced celebrant, you are making sure that you obtain quality advice and expertise on planning the event.

You will also need to create a timeline for the whole operation. See what works best with your schedule. There are also websites that offer helpful timelines that you can customise according to your needs. Think of every eventuality and how you can prepare for it. For example, if you’re having a same sex wedding, it is better to find a celebrant who is open to it and bears no prejudice. You can find a gay marriage celebrant who will cater to your needs and assist you in the finer details of the ceremony.

Technology is a great way to make your work load lighter. There are event planners, wedding checklists, budget apps and planning apps online that you can use. Find a way that is easier for you to track all of your expenses for the occasion. Once you are clear on the budget and the timeline, you have to think about the other details such as the guest list. This will have a big impact on the budget. Naturally, a bigger wedding will mean more expenses. There are many people you will have to meet and interview such as venue owners, florists, caterers etc. You can have the venue owners send you’re a quote and the possible dates that they are free on. Make sure you review the contract before you sign up with the venue.


Life is comprised with so much of beautiful memories. Sometimes, we call our loved ones around to get together with us and celebrate those adorable moments in our life. Taking your wedding vows is one of the best memorable moments in your life.
When it comes to a wedding occasion, there are so much of arrangements to make one by one. Detailed attention is vital if you are expecting a large gathering and an occasion on your very big day. Therefore, as the wedding couple you know how much work and pressure that you both have to handle until the day is over. 

Arranging a wedding is not an easy task though. But if you plan it properly, this can be done without any additional pressure or stress. Nervous and excitement are two things that come handy with your big day celebrations. That is why planning upfront and finding an amazing and breathtaking location can help you out to sort out things in a sounder manner. 

When it comes to wedding arrangement the first that we all would do will be checking out for few wedding venues Gold Coast. Sometimes, our wedding theme matters a lot in this choice. Just say that you have a beach party concept in your mind, then you surely need a good location that will go along with your theme. If you prefer an outdoor venue where you can have some quality time out there in a fresh and cold atmosphere, you have to choose a venue like that. 

After all, it is your big day. Therefore, when it comes to decision making stage, the responsibilities that you get are simply boundless. Every couple has one prayer throughout the whole day within their hearts, to make things all good. This is a positive thought that most of us murmur during this day. In order to avoid last minute frustration and disappointment, planning ahead can help to sort out most of the problems. 

While certain brides prefer to dress on their own, there are others who would love to dress themselves up with a help of a professional wedding stylist too. 

This is another important area where you need to make sure that you won’t meet any negative surprises on that day. In this case you should be able to share your attitudes, likes and dislikes with this person. That will help you to judge the best outfit, best hair style, best makeup that go along with your mood and natural beauty. 

A wedding is not just an ordinary event, but an occasion that matters a lot for your life.


In the current world, people are changing the way things used to be done in the past and they are slowly embracing new and contemporary methods to achieve the desires of their occasionsand other functions. People used to hold affordable reception venues Melbourne and other parties in hotels and other residential places but this is not the case again. Event’s organizers are working hard to make their events memorable and as a result, they prefer places such as game parks and zoos. This is because such places offer an environment which is serine and conducive for people to relax and meditate on various issues affecting their lives. 

People are slowly getting tired of the noisy environment in towns and other places and they are going for the cool atmospheres in the forest and other places which are far away from towns and residential areas. There is need for such places to be safe and if safety is not guaranteed, the event organizers should work closely with the relevant authorities in order to ensure that they get the relevant security measures put in place. This is so mostly in the game parks and other natural areas where one may be attacked by animals such as lions, snakes and elephants. Zoo functions have increased in the recent past owing to the fact that zoos provide an environment which is serine for people to achieve what they wanted to do. 

There are cheap venues to hire and in most cases, security is guaranteed. People enjoy their functions to the fullest owing to the fact that there is ample space for them to walk, dance and conduct other activities which they had planned will form part and parcel of the function. In the zoos, the environment is also conducive in the context that there are trees, rivers and other natural places which play a key role in making the function memorable in the minds of all the participants. There is need for each and every professional event organizer to ensure that they put in place measures that will ensure that the function is not only memorable but also very enjoyable to those who participate in it. People invite their friends, families and other relatives and no single person would like to be embarrassed in the course of the occasion as this will make the occasion dull and everyone will be working hard to forget it as soon as it is practicable. 

School excursions provide students and pupils with a rare opportunity to break the boredom and monotony of their classes. They rejuvenate their brains and as a result, their performance improves tremendously for the better. With increased demand for such excursions from the learning fraternity, there is a reason for all the school authorities to make plans on how such pupils and students will be given an opportunity to attend such events once in a while as this will help remove narrow mindedness which may come as a result of being in class all the times.

Whether you’ve just gotten engaged or you’re finally getting serious about your wedding it can feel daunting to start planning your big day. A lot of things go into a successful wedding and if you’re the person in charge of everything it’s easy to get nervous. But as long as you give yourself time and making the simple as possible you can get this done. Everyone who gets married goes through this and you’re just as good as any of them are. So pick up a wedding directory and let’s get to work.

Choose a day as soon as possible. The day you pick will have impact on almost every decision you make down the line. From choosing the venue for the wedding itself to the location of the wedding reception and much much more the date has a powerful effect on all sorts of things. So if possible you should settle on a date before you do anything more because when booking Byron Bay weddings and giving the people you want to show up advance notice it’s always helpful to have on your side.


Set a budget. You don’t want to go beyond your means even if that means you have to give up some of the things you would like to have. Beautiful bridal dresses are all well and good but one of the best gifts you can give yourself is a debt-free life. The sooner you set your budget, the better.

Figure out how many people you want to have your wedding. The more people you have the more money you’ll end up spending so you need to know this number so you can figure out things like how much you spend on food and seating. It’s also important when you want to decide which venue you’re going with because the size of the crowd you’re expecting is a major factor in choosing the best venue.

Another thing that you should do early as possible is look at the sort of dress you want. Designer wedding dresses can be pretty expensive and so you have to have an idea what you are going to spend early so you can get an idea about just how much you going to be spending on your wedding. You can put it off if you don’t care too much about having your first choice when it comes to a dress, but the later you buy the less choices you have on average.

The next item you need to get in line is who is going to actually marry you. If you want your marriage to be legal then you need to find someone who can legally marry you in your state. Whether you want a religious figure or someone you know who has been ordained with the legal right to marry you need to figure out who you’re going with soon because that isn’t something you want to be scrambling for at the very last minute.

Once you get the major things done then you can focus on all the details such as the minor wedding supplies. Don’t think about what’s going on every table to make it look pretty until you know what sort of food you be serving. If you move from big to small everything will fall in order as best as it can.