The Picture Perfect Wedding

The day that changes your life forever, be it for better or worse. And all of us want it for the better. So who doesn’t want to start of this newest chapter in their lives in the most perfect way? With the most perfect person standing next to you, in the most perfect place, surrounded by people who wish you all the perfect things in the world. Read on and gather a few tips on how best to make your wedding the talk of the town.

Weddings are not a walk in the park. They involves months and months of meticulous planning. Because there is just so much to think about. There is the dress, the decoration, the food, the music, the guest list and not least of all the biggest question – where do I have my wedding? Because the solution to all of the above mentioned quandaries depends on the location of the wedding. This is the sole reason why the preparations need to start months ahead, because finding the location that you have in mind is not going to be easy, and even if you find it, the availability of best wedding reception venues in Melbourne is so unpredictable that you won’t get it on your first attempt. So make sure you choose your venue first and then plan the rest of your wedding to suit the location to perfection.

How to go about finding that perfect spot where you want to be standing when the man of your dreams becomes yours for life. Well, it’s pretty easy actually. Because it all depends on your personality. If you’re the glam girl then a school formal venues should be your priority, for a true romantic a beach wedding would be ideal, if you’re a dreamer, a wedding on a picturesque mountaintop would be what you are looking for or if you have that streak of craziness in you, you could even get married on an air balloon!

The place you chose should portray the bride and groom for who they are, and capture their personalities to the dot. So start hunting and don’t stop till you find the place that makes your heart skip a beat. It could be a jaw dropping, unique location that people are seeing for the first time or it could be the age old chapel, but make sure to add a touch of ‘’you’’ to the whole event so that your wedding stands out from the rest.