Starting To Plan Your Wedding

Whether you’ve just gotten engaged or you’re finally getting serious about your wedding it can feel daunting to start planning your big day. A lot of things go into a successful wedding and if you’re the person in charge of everything it’s easy to get nervous. But as long as you give yourself time and making the simple as possible you can get this done. Everyone who gets married goes through this and you’re just as good as any of them are. So pick up a wedding directory and let’s get to work.

Choose a day as soon as possible. The day you pick will have impact on almost every decision you make down the line. From choosing the venue for the wedding itself to the location of the wedding reception and much much more the date has a powerful effect on all sorts of things. So if possible you should settle on a date before you do anything more because when booking Byron Bay weddings and giving the people you want to show up advance notice it’s always helpful to have on your side.


Set a budget. You don’t want to go beyond your means even if that means you have to give up some of the things you would like to have. Beautiful bridal dresses are all well and good but one of the best gifts you can give yourself is a debt-free life. The sooner you set your budget, the better.

Figure out how many people you want to have your wedding. The more people you have the more money you’ll end up spending so you need to know this number so you can figure out things like how much you spend on food and seating. It’s also important when you want to decide which venue you’re going with because the size of the crowd you’re expecting is a major factor in choosing the best venue.

Another thing that you should do early as possible is look at the sort of dress you want. Designer wedding dresses can be pretty expensive and so you have to have an idea what you are going to spend early so you can get an idea about just how much you going to be spending on your wedding. You can put it off if you don’t care too much about having your first choice when it comes to a dress, but the later you buy the less choices you have on average.

The next item you need to get in line is who is going to actually marry you. If you want your marriage to be legal then you need to find someone who can legally marry you in your state. Whether you want a religious figure or someone you know who has been ordained with the legal right to marry you need to figure out who you’re going with soon because that isn’t something you want to be scrambling for at the very last minute.

Once you get the major things done then you can focus on all the details such as the minor wedding supplies. Don’t think about what’s going on every table to make it look pretty until you know what sort of food you be serving. If you move from big to small everything will fall in order as best as it can.